Thorg is excited to announce it’s latest major release (v0.7.0)! This release contains some goodies that are known some of the seasoned miners will like. Thorg is just at the start of his vision and is excited to come one step further on his stepping stone.

Download the release on the website or through upgrading in your Thorg application.

What’s new in this Thorg release?

Support for T-Rex miner

In this release Thorg introduces support for T-Rex miner which could benefit Nvidia users. To enable it please go to advanced settings and check 'Use experimental LHR miner (only for Nvidia users)' option.

Phoenix Miner

Thorg switched from Claymore miner to a new version of Phoenix Miner as default mining engine.

Changes in withdraw logic

For users that created their wallet locally with the help of the Thorg application and decided to change to an external address later on, Thorg has added the option to withdraw funds from the initial wallet if there are still some GLM tokens remaining inside.

Better Troubleshooting

Thorg has been working on better ways of explaining different exceptions / errors inside Thorg so it will be easier to troubleshoot some problems.

Bug fixes and improvements

Some minor bug fixes and optimizations were introduced to app logic.