Hello everyone! This week and next week are going to be really important for all of us. I’m not going to spill all the beans right now, but we need to get on it, and in true Golem fashion, we’ll start by giving the community the first spotlight.

Our mainnet release is just around the corner, meaning the Golem platform has implemented a live Layer 2 solution for the payments, on the Ethereum network. We have worked for more than a year towards this big milestone: a cutting-edge platform for developers to build anything they need on top of it, and leverage a marketplace for computing power formed by resources all across the world. While the release will not be the last, as the platform needs to continue evolving, it’s ready for developers to leverage it.

To this end, we reached out to two of the hackathon projects in order for them to port their work to Golem mainnet: Chess on Golem and Golem SLATE. Not very long after we shared the news with the people over at Discord, Anshuman (the man, the legend) reached out that he too wanted to port his Golem hackathon winning project, DeML (Decentralized Machine Learning) to mainnet, and of course we welcomed his offer.


A codepen-like app built atop the Golem Network, featuring a slick UI, and a SPA (Single Page Application) that utilizes dockerized yagna environments to communicate with the Golem Network.

Chess on Golem

Chess in Golem is a classic chess game. Its purpose is to show that any state-based game/problem can be run in Golem Network and solved interactively by provider nodes.


Decentralized Machine Learning utilizes concepts from federated machine learning to combine the sub-steps of models trained on the proof of concept of this app built atop of the Golem Network.

Anshuman is also currently requesting community feedback on Reddit in case you want to chip in.

But this is not all! A while ago we pledged to support the expansion of the Golem ecosystem and we’re keeping our promises. Stay tuned, because on Monday 15th, during our Web3 Party event, we will be announcing all about the Golem on Mainnet hackathon.
And that’s also not all - we are preparing a second hackathon with very cool friends for May, and many things more. There is a very exciting future ahead of us, so if you want to know more, subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be among the first to know more about what the coming months will be like at Golem!