The very reason why we started this blog is that we will soon have much more to show. We’ve spent several months first researching and then developing the software that runs on user hardware and connects with other computers to create the Golem Network. We have already released the transaction contracts, as well as their Golem-Ethereum payments integration (big thanks to Wanxiang Blockchain Labs for your support!). And most importantly, you can expect the first public alpha version of the Golem to be released sometime before July.

July 2016: Brass Golem

Our code name for this version is Brass Golem. D&D fans may recall that this creature is designed to fulfill one goal, set at the time of its creation, and wait with absolute patience until activated to perform this task. Our Brass Golem will use Blender to do CGI rendering, which means that we will effectively establish the Golem Network as a distributed, decentralised and user-driven rendering farm. More information on that version and next generations of Golems will follow soon. For now, we have adopted the code names “Clay”, “Stone” and ultimately “Iron”. The above reference to Wikipedia entries will give you a very rough idea of what we intend them to be.

Before the Brass Golem becomes a market-ready product, it will be more of proof-of-concept and training ground for us and early adopters. Once we launch it, we will focus on increasing efficiency, security and UX. At the beginning, the Brass Golem will be integrated with the test Ethereum-based payment system. We will not start using real ethers until we are certain they are safe to use.

September 2016: Crypto-currency mining

We are also working on further use cases, with special focus on a general framework for setting up crypto-currency mining pools. Here, Golem will for many reasons be the preferred method. This development path is paramount from the technological point of view, as mining and rendering requirements are notably disparate. Again, soon we will fill you in on the details of these topics (mining pools and other projected use cases).

2016: Golem DAO

So far, Golem is an entirely in-house project. However, given the scale of the undertaking, we need to both build a community around the project and raise the funds necessary to complete our grand vision. Golem is about delivering a new type of infrastructure. Given that objective and the properties of this network, we believe it is an excellent idea to continue developing and managing Golem by pairing it up with DAO. Although we are perfectly sure that we want to DAOise Golem, we are still not certain how that should be done. We are following current developments very carefully, with special focus on The DAO and the Generic DAO Framework. What remains beyond doubt is that we will want to discuss the Golem DAO concept and its design with the community. Again, stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted throughout the next couple of weeks.