It was never only a technology that inspired me to make this sudden change in my professional life. It was people who stand behind it. For last fifteen years of my journalistic experience in news media in Poland and USA, I was searching for good stories about people to tell them to other people. I’m not talking merely about dramatic situations of individuals — the ones that can easily move the strings of compassion. I’m talking also about those positive stories, the ones of passion, vigor, ingenuity, innovation and sometimes even genius. A genius of a man.

And I found it here, at Golem Network. I found it in its team which happens to be in a forefront of building the technology that will change the way we look at things in the world. Let me be frank with you — it is still beyond my full comprehension. It is rather an intuition that tells me how big it is. But this ability — the intuition — accompanied me whenever I was about to find a great story to tell, and it is with me now. It helps me in preserving this genuine curiosity of a reporter who wants to listen, understand and pass the story forward. I am going to keep it that way for you as Golem’s new Chief Communication Officer. Whenever it is a camera or a pen, social media or personal discussion — I am here to tell you the story of the greatest, most innovative, full of passion and — yes! — ingenious women and men I’ve ever met. The story of Golem!