Golem is pleased to announce the hiring of Chris Waclawek who will be responsible for Business, Strategy and Partnerships.

Working in technology is about building the product or talking to customers. I find myself right on the intersection of these two — says Chris Waclawek.

Chris brings to the team exactly the competences we were looking for in terms of transferring technology into a product. What is more, he gained his experience in a successful startup scaling rapidly, which is very helpful for us to build efficient organization around Golem. I am really excited about things we are going to achieve with Chris”, says Golem’s Founder and CEO Julian Zawistowski.

Formerly evangelist and a head of special projects at Estimote, where he worked directly with their founders to build the company from less than a
dozen people to over 80 and create an ecosystem of developers numbering 100,000, Chris will now be using his extensive experience and contacts to reach out to Golem’s token holders and future computing power providers, users and app developers.

Building a new technology product company is only about two things in the early stages: building the product and talking to customers”, Chris says. “I find myself on intersection of these two tasks — developing Golem’s business product by reaching out to its current and future partners and customers. I want to help ensure that our product team understands our future customer base. I’m also sure that we can generate interest in using Golem’s huge potential with the future customers around the world.”

And he has not wasted time getting started. In recent weeks he has already represented Golem at the Ethereal Summit in San Francisco, Devcon3 in Mexico, the Denver Super Computing Conference, Stanford University, where he presented Golem’s vision to an inaugural meeting of blockchain enthusiasts and representatives from Amazon Web Services. And most recently, he mentored at Google Launchpad accelerator Warsaw. Today he is in Helsinki attending the Slush Summit and on 6 December he will be in DevRelCon, London.

“We have to build great stuff for developers. We have to build a stack that is very easy to integrate, that works flawlessly to save developers’ time. Network effects among developers will be a big part of what ultimately makes Golem computing power provider of choice for many use case classes. We are going to work a lot on that next year. Also for now, for a successful Brass launch, we need to have a lot of computing power on board, so we are talking to partners who can provide it.”

Waclawek is passionate about decentralization. “It’s about giving back power to individuals, and taking it away from a couple of companies that currently hold it. This oligopoly makes up the backbone of the internet as we know it. But this could all be done differently. The profits for these services could be shared among the providers of the infrastructure more equally and Golem is right of the heart of that ambition.”

Waclawek shares a notion that we are about to witness a huge change in technology that is going to affect our lives significantly. “Ten years ago you didn’t have your iPhone or your smartphone, Uber didn’t exist, neither did the Airbnb. All of those huge things happened within the last decade. And yes, we will see the decentralized internet in ten years for sure. And that would be the basis for reshaping the rest of this century. Golem is going to be a very important part of that future”.