[edit: Please note that this version is outdated. Visit our github for the up to date installer of Golem.]

Golem v0.4.0 is now available for some previous versions of Apple’s aesthetically appealing operating systems. Please keep in mind that this is still an alpha version and works only on our test network. We would be grateful for your comments and remarks.

We received extensive feedback about the macOS-Sierra version of Golem. Thanks to cool heads such as Troy Murray, Juan Manavella, Francesco Krattiger, Timothy Jones, Rolfe DH, and many others not mentioned here, we continue to eliminate major bugs and push the macOS version forward.

Why didn’t we support older macOS right away, you ask? The main issue was an incompatibility between Xcode and go-ethereum. During installation via Homebrew, go-ethereum is compiled, and Sierra’s Xcode happened to produce something that simply does not start on earlier OS revisions. Whoops.

Whether or not you will have this problem may be checked by running the compiled geth via the system terminal. If you receive Killed: 9 as a result, shake your fist at the gods.

The first version of Golem for macOS worked well on several machines we had for initial tests, passing them all — including regressions — because we had go-ethereum already compiled and installed. However, thanks to the full engagement of our community, the problem was appropriately detected and fixed, temporarily solved by the patched fork. In the end however, we decided to completely remove the Homebrew dependency for go-ethereum.

In short, if you downloaded Golem with an earlier macOS revision, please try reinstalling accordingly to the provided information, noting that it is crucial to firstbrew unlink ... and brew reinstall ethereum.