We are still processing everything that’s happening around our mainnet launch — so we really cannot explain how we feel. We are continually pinching ourselves to figure out if we’re dreaming or this outstanding response is real.

However, as we mentioned in other blog posts, this is just the beginning of a new road for Golem. We would like to share with you what the dev team has planned for the near (and not so near) future.

Golem’s Development next steps

Usability and functionality are pressing subjects nowadays on the Blockchain ecosystem. They are the key to mass adoption of our dApps.

This is what Golem has in store to address and improve these subjects:

  • Concent service: Finalization and launch to increase network security
  • GPU support will be added to Golem (right now we’re only supporting CPU)
  • Proprietary software support: this is key to achieve the goal of onboarding more rendering software.
  • New use cases: We will explore both by doing custom integrations and increasing Golem’s versatility by simplifying the process of software integration into our platform.

Golem as a marketplace: Requestors & Providers

As it is common knowledge, Golem is a p2p marketplace. Markets are based — obviously — on supply and demand. If we all want to keep this going, we need to have both sides of the equation active. Golem as a company cannot control the marketplace — the Requestors and Providers will keep it running and will generate a broader, stronger and more active GNT-based shared economy.

TL;DR? Well, a slow-down on the marketplace is expected as requestors get their tasks completed and more providers jump into the network. Which means that even though you might have earned GNT now, in the near future, you may have to wait a bit longer.

For a p2p marketplace to roll out accordingly, we all need to spread the word. We need more providers. We need more requestors. We need plenty of tasks!

We would like to invite Blender artists to continue experimenting with our dApp. We are eager to see how we can contribute through our decentralized vision, to make your rendering cheaper and faster.

Our biz-dev and communications teams are working 24/7 on raising awareness and getting more people to join our platform. But we need the community to step up as well, and engage and contribute.

AMAs announcement

Finally, we would like to announce that our bi-monthly AMAs will be taking place next Wednesday, April 25th. Please see the Reddit announcement for more details. We are getting ready for questions, and we look forward to giving the best answers possible.