In preparation for our CTO Piotr “Viggith” Janiuk’s presentation at EDCON: “Arbitrary computations with SGX in Golem. Architectural considerations, security risks, and efficiency tradeoffs”, we are releasing the initial slides on the Golem Architecture including SGX. Viggith has been tailoring his January presentation at the Imperial College to the needs of our future Brass release.

Now that Beta is already on its second iteration, we are taking a deeper look into verification challenges and the future role of the Concent service.

This presentation aims to explain in detail our technology. In addition, we present our insights on rendering and why we chose this as a first use-case. Then we clarify components of the Golem architecture, and how everything fits together within our vision of Brass, including a thorough presentation of the optional Concent service.

To complement, we introduce some directions for future development, especially concerning SGX and Golem as well as a few additional use cases that fit the brass map-reduce framework (ML, and PoW examples).

“I think that this presentation reflects pretty well what Brass is and how we can proceed regarding technology from this point in the short-to-mid term (SGX, improved verification, licensing, additional use cases and so on). This presentation may also give some trolls a better idea of our approach to the verification process in general, and the local, automatic verification in particular.” — Viggith stated

Golem Deep Dive by The Golem Project
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We hope you enjoy this thorough explanation of what we’re building. Following this, as mentioned, we will have Viggith present on SGX at EDCON. Stay tuned for more updates!