[edit: Please note that this version is outdated. Visit our github for the up to date installer of Golem.]

Today we are releasing Golem 0.6.0 for Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows. Though the majority of changes are not directly visible to the user, there area few noteworthy modifications:

We’ve updated the resource sharing mechanism.

Our resource sharing application can now operate on a single port. If your computer is behind a home router (or any type of NAT), you may want to forward port 3282 (TCP and UDP) for much improved connectivity. A guide on how to forward ports on your home router can be found here.

We’ve added a “deny list” for nodes.

If a node cannot be trusted with a task that you have submitted to the network, simply put its id in a deny list file. This will prevent that node from computing your tasks in the future. Depending on your operating system, the deny list is located at:macOS
/Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/golem/default/deny.txt

  • Ubuntu
  • Windows

There is now a helpful connectivity check.

Golem detects whether ports 40102, 40103 and 3282 on your computer are reachable from the outside network. If they are not, a warning message will be displayed in Golem’s status bar.

Initial block synchronization is disabled.

The current Ethereum testnet has been difficult to sync at times. In version 0.6.0, full sync is no longer required, and will not halt Golem during startup. This is a temporary solution, as we plan to soon switch to the Proof-of-Authority testnet, Rinkeby.

We’ve resolved startup issues on macOS.

Golem’s dependencies have been updated, thus the annoying IOPlatformSerialNumber bug should be now gone.

But, it is incompatible with 0.5.x.

These new protocol changes make this release incompatible with previous versions of Golem, hence the minor version bump. Luckily, at the time of writing, our fellow Golem minions are updating the test network nodes to keep your Golem up and running.

To upgrade your current Golem installation:

  • macOS
    In terminal, type brew upgrade golem.
  • Ubuntu
    Download the installation script from here. In terminal, run
    chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh.
  • Windows
    Download and execute the installer from here.

Thanks as always for sticking with us, and we look forward to bringing you more updates in the near future!