New Golem Provider Sneak Peek Release

Start testing the provider side of New Golem Alpha - we have a sneak peek for you!

New Golem Provider Sneak Peek Release

Hi everyone, last week we were excited to announce our Alpha II which included a number of features and additions since the first Alpha Reveal. We also mentioned at the end of the announcement that we would be having a Provider release soon and that soon is today! This Alpha Provider Release allows you to try out providing computation on the New Golem network.

One of the features we’re excited to share about New Golem, in comparison to Clay (Legacy) Golem is…

NO MORE PORT FORWARDING!!!!!!!! (standing ovation)

To get set up as a provider on the community subnet follow our Provider tutorial and installation instructions. Since it’s super quick and easy to get started with our 1-line installer we can also include the setup in this blog:

curl -sSf | bash -

note: if you have previously used Golem Alpha one on your machine then run the purge commands included in the guide to purge old working directories.

rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/yagna
rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/ya-provider

The 1-line installer will install and guide you to setup your provider. Make sure that you connect to the community subnet, and following that all you need to do is run the line below to start your node and you’re provider node is running!

golemsp run

You can find more information about the Provider Command-line Interface (CLI) here.

You can quickly check it’s status by opening a new terminal and running

golemsp status

This will give you a list of information such as your address and testnet wallet tokens (NGNT). Since this is testnet and you won’t be able to earn real tokens, we will reward the first five helpful providers with 200 GNT each filling out this survey Bare in mind that you will need to provide KYC if you would like to be eligible for the reward. If you've filled out the form then please send an email to from the email you included in the form and ask for instructions. Or if you just want to help the project grow we would love your feedback still so we encourage anyone to fill out the form! [EDIT: slots have been filled for the reward but we will still really like to highlight that your feedback is very important to us and the growth of New Golem!]

Temporarily, providing on New Golem only supports Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 (for the time being all Linux systems with Intel processors should work properly. We are in the process of fixing issues with AMD).

If you have any questions, issues or ideas on what we can improve then please join the community Discord and leave a comment in the #providers-new-golem channel.

Curious about the overall plan? Check our The Next Milestone guides Part I, II and III.

For more information about Golem, head over to our website.

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