Introducing Thorg: mining made easy and fun, powered by Golem

We are proud to announce Thorg - the first mining app powered and built by Golem, with Layer 2 Polygon payments and the easiest onboarding in the market!

Introducing Thorg: mining made easy and fun, powered by Golem

Thorg is alive! A first-of-its-kind application powered by the Golem Network and built on top of the platform., Thorg enables users to get involved in mining in an easy, intuitive, and non-custodial way, featuring Layer 2 payments built on Polygon. The application offers a sleek graphical user interface and is UX-focused, where users get started mining using their GPU and earn GLM tokens.

Thorg is as simple as downloading and running the installer (found at the website), starting Thorg where you’re guided through the one-time startup steps (wallet creation) and you’re ready to mine!

Start Mining

Thorg is a provider application allowing Windows users to compute tasks, creating what we refer to as “shares” which are collected and used to mine Ethereum. For the computation of creating these shares, the Thorg user earns GLM which is the token used for selling and buying computation on the Golem Network. For payments, Thorg uses a new and shiny Polygon payment driver. You can read more about Thorg payments on the Usage page.

We’re all very excited to share Thorg. If you have been with us for a while, you might remember that back in 2018, we were already working on enabling mining for Golem. Now we’re ready and implementing mining serves many different purposes. Piotr “Viggith” Janiuk explains it best:

“Golem is still an evolving project well-suited to harness more and more use-cases. Thorg is a way for us to show progress in several technical development areas and battle test them by making them available for both end-users and our growing developer community.

The Thorg implementation aids as well, in improving the Golem market: the mining use-case opens new ways of achieving a healthy and efficient market by providing additional tools for optimizing passive income with Golem.

With the launch of the Thorg application, we also set ourselves on a journey to explore new payment schemes, different cooperation models between users, and additional ways of accessing and utilizing the Golem Network.

As a result, we expect sustainable growth of both the platform and its capabilities, more use-cases and ecosystem growth facilitated by the features and optimizations that we’re introducing to the platform  through the mining implementation”

System Requirements

Since this is Thorg’s v0, there is still limited support with regards to system requirements: you will need s Windows 10 OS or above, and a 6GB+ graphics card. Being a mining-focused application your earnings will naturally depend on how powerful your graphics card is. The Golem implementation and Yagna daemon are what Thorg uses at its heart. Yagna was created with lightweight-ness in mind so this is why there really aren’t any hard requirements other than OS.

And remember! In case you don’t have a high-end GPU, you can still use the Golem Network to compute tasks and earn GLM. We're working to integrate CPU computations into Thorg, for now you'd need to run Yagna (Windows community guide link).

Join Thorg and the community

Thorg is on TikTok! Follow @minewiththorg and get involved with him there. He is excited for engaging with everyone on the platform and bringing out content!

Find Thorg on Twitter @MineWithThorg. He’s been teasing for a few weeks and is finally free to share with you everything about Thorg.

As for Reddit, to start we will be engaging on the /r/GolemProject for the Thorg release, however, we have a subreddit ready for Thorg which we’ll be opening next week!

If you’ve been in the Golem Discord the last few weeks you might have had a chance to interact with Thorg already. Now we’ve opened up a text channel in the Discord ( for him to hang out in along with Thorg users. We’d love for you to join and chat with us and the community.