Golem Mainnet Release Beta I

After several months of a focused effort of the whole Golem team, we’re proud to present you with the first official, albeit still experimental, mainnet version of Golem, aka Yagna.

With this release we’re leaving the Alpha and entering the Beta phase of development. This transition conveys our confidence that the new Golem has grown enough for it to start seeing widespread usage by both requestors seeking to develop and run their decentralized applications on top of Golem and by providers who’d like to earn GLM tokens in exchange for their machines’ computational resources.

We’ll also be stepping up our effort to support our users - again requestors and providers alike - and help them overcome obstacles while they’re joining our growing community.

Having said that, we must admit that we’re very aware of the limitations and shortcomings still present in Yagna and we’re still treating it as an experimental platform.

What we have here is the cutting edge. The mainnet Golem is now using our recently-migrated, ERC-20-compliant GLM token and we’re utilizing zkSync (Layer 2 payment provider) to keep the transaction costs at manageable levels.

While Yagna still lacks P2P support, verification mechanisms and low-level protocol encryption and signing, it has all the other features that we wanted to include in the MVP for the new Golem, most important of which are:

  • Decentralised market implementation
  • Computational environments: VM and WASI
  • Support for per task and per-usage pricing schemes
  • Payments with the new GLM token (both L1 and L2) on the Ethereum Mainnet

Moreover, to enable the application developers to jump right into the development of Golem apps, we’re officially supporting two high-level APIs - for Python and for JS/TS, plus a pretty comprehensive handbook to get you well on your way.

For the sake of clarity and correctness, we’d like to note that all those features had already been present in the Alpha.4 release that we published a couple of weeks ago and had a chance to observe running out in the wild for a while now. Today's Beta.1 is just a more polished, less buggy, slightly enhanced and most importantly - official, incremental improvement of it.

If you’re interested in detailed information about the exact content of this release, please have a look at the respective changelogs for yagna, yapapi and yajsapi.

We hereby invite all of you to try our newest Golem and we’ll be happy to hear your feedback. Send us emails, join our Discord chat and tell us about your experiences, issues that you have encountered or amaze us with what you have been able to build on top of the Golem network and join our hall of fame! :)

Requestor Walk-through video
Provider Walk-through video

Though, yes, we expect some stuff to break. After all, as previously mentioned, this is only the first, still experimental, Beta release. We’re going to say even more - if you manage to break our product in a way that we didn’t anticipate, be ready to be rewarded! That’s where our Bug Bounty program comes in. We invite you to participate in it and have fun both using our product and breaking it.