We are proud to announce Joanna Rutkowska has joined Golem as Chief Strategy and Security Officer. Joanna is a widely recognized security researcher, architect and founder of Invisible Things Lab and Qubes OS. In the role of Chief Strategy Officer, Joanna will be responsible for the technological vision; and alongside Piotr ‘Viggith’ Janiuk (Golem’s CTO) and the team, they will shape the architecture of future Golem products. Simultaneously, as Chief Security Officer, she will be in charge of product and operations-security team building and supervision.

Joanna and her team at Invisible Things Lab have been collaborating with Golem on building the Graphene-ng framework for SGX execution. She has been an invaluable collaborator for Golem during her role at ITL. Lately, she has been gravitating towards a wider interest in the cloud.

In Julian’s words:

“I am very excited that Joanna has decided to join Golem. She brings not only top-notch competences but also a consistent vision of how our work can help solve issues of today’s Internet technology. I am certain that with Joanna on board we will be able to move faster towards arbitrary computing on the Golem network and give our users a cloud service they can fully control.”

Here is Joanna’s blog post discussing in further detail why she decided to leave the work on the Qubes OS project (which she founded and led over the last nine years) and join Golem.

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