Introducing GolemGrid: a community-built web gateway project

Introducing GolemGrid: a community-built web gateway project

(Golem: a few months ago, Phillip, one of our longest standing community members helping out with tech support - reached us out as he had been building a web gateway for people to pay with their credit cards to submit tasks to the network. Now Phillip takes the charge and tells us about his project)

My name is Phillip, and I’m currently 18 years old. I have always had a deep passion for technology and I love to build stuff myself and feel ‘independent’.

I dropped out of high school last year, and dedicate myself to doing what I really like. I love to set myself up for future success in every way possible, and software development is where I can start exploring my potential and interacting with like-minded people.
Then I asked myself: what can I do to help accelerate this project and possibly help myself also? That’s when I decided to begin working on GolemGrid. My life isn’t about making the most money possible. I’d rather spend my time doing something I truly love.
I decided to start GolemGrid with the aim to turn it into a business. As mentioned before, I'm a huge technology nerd and I’ve been looking at Golem since 2017 and always been a fan.

What is GolemGrid?

GolemGrid is a web gateway built on top of the Golem Network. The final aim is to integrate every possible use case integrated into Golem and create a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

How do you use it?

To use GolemGrid you have to create an account. Once you log in you’ll be greeted by the Dashboard. This is where your tasks will show up. In the sidebar, you’ll find the Blender rendering option. That’s where you submit your task for computation. This page contains a list of settings you can choose from.

When you submit your task, you will be redirected to the Stripe payment page to pay for your computation. Once it has been confirmed (should happen instantly), then your task will start computing and appear on the Dashboard with its current status.

If you need help understanding the settings, click the “Need Help?” button and it will take you straight to the documentation, explaining each setting.

GolemGrid Blender Request Page

GolemGrid also supports adding it as a PWA on your Android or IOS device. Meaning that it can be saved to your home screen as an "app" you can open up. This feature is fully supported on Android, but IOS can be a little tricky related to the loading animation. To do this you open up on your phone and click the options button in your browser. There should be a button saying "Add to Home Screen". Click that and save it. You should now see something like this on your home screen.

Finally, my aim for this, besides what I stated before, is to help others and hopefully accelerate the adoption of Golem. I am also quite proud to say I've built the first community project on Golem!

How to support GolemGrid:

Feedback! In the end, it’s other users that are going to use the interface and not myself. If I can help them by helping them in onboarding, or optimizing something in the GolemGrid’s UX, then that’s my end goal.

Disclaimer:this is a community project and even if it's built on top of the Golem Network and we have provided Phillip with feedback and follow-up, Golem Factory GmbH does not offer any warranties for it