To kick off this new series, Mikolaj and Jakob from the Golem team will guide you through the Devcon5 workshop. The primary difference between this webinar and the Devcon5 workshop presented in Osaka is that the workshop utilized Golem Unlimited to set up a testing environment, whereas in this Mikolaj and Jakob utilize Golem Brass v0.21.0 on mainnet. The other difference is that you can follow along from anywhere you have a computer and internet connection!

Having done the workshop live already in Osaka, we decided to have this webinar pre-recorded. We will use this opportunity to judge engagement and community interest. Through this first instalment,  we will gauge whether to move to a more live demonstration format for gWebinars in the future or if our community prefers this format (feel free to give us feedback!). For those without the time to watch the whole video, here is the synopsis:

Mikolaj and Jakob are part of the crypto-resistance in the year 2077. To protect the free-world they show-case our latest meta-use case, gWASM, utilizing Golem to save the city from an incoming missile attack.

WebAssembly (Wasm) is a software platform designed as 'the' native development platform for the web. It has flexibility in the fact that it can be compiled from any language. Starting from version 0.21.0, Golem supports WebAssembly and we call this gWASM. It is intended to be a bridge between applications and extensible infrastructure.

To begin, Jakob runs a ‘live-coding’ session, where he writes software in Rust, compiling this into WebAssembly modules and then he uses the gWASM-runner (a utility that simplifies development and execution of WebAssembly modules on the Golem infrastructure) to create a task for the Golem Network to compute. Use the gWASM quick start guide to follow along.

They then increase the complexity of the task with the Mandelbrot set fractal visualiser, which you can download from our GitHub.

Shortly after, Mikolaj and Jakob receive intelligence from the crypto-resistance headquarters that their location is compromised and there are incoming missiles. In order to save the city, they use Golem to plot the trajectory of the missiles and launch a defence.

If you run into any challenges while following along the demo, please let us know in our chat and we’ll be happy to help. For more information, head over to the Golem Network website.