Research process at its best

Over the past years, we’ve spent a lot of time researching topics relevant to Golem development. That effort was documented on wiki in our github repository, but we started it as a collection of private notes in May 2016, when the project was not open source yet. As initially it was not done for the public, it might be a bit messy at times, things that are there may be outdated, incomplete, some of the threads were abandoned halfway when it became clear that it was a dead end.

And most importantly: not everything there is relevant to Golem. As it often happens in the research process, sometimes they were blind alleys, sometimes it turned out that what we tried to do is of no use for Golem.

Regardless of the above — it presents some knowledge that we acquired and described and now we feel it is right to share that with the community. We are opening this repository to leave a mark after 2017, to show that the work is registered not only in the developer repository. Being able to view it will certainly be useful for anyone who wants to explore their knowledge of problems of decentralized technologies.

You can find R&D repository here.

We also open usecase repository containing some early proof-of-concepts for future Golem potential integration and use cases. You can find this repository here.