What’s in store for this Digest?

This week we’ll be going over our latest GitHub activity focusing on Pull Requests in Yagna and its related repositories. We’ve mentioned before that we’ve been working on Yagna for over a year! And to show this in an entertaining way, I created a video displaying the contributions to all our public Yagna repositories visualized from their inception!

In the previous Golem GitHub Digest (#2) we went deeper into the milestones and specific repositories related to The Next Milestone (internally dubbed as YAGNA). This week, we’ll be covering significant Issues and Pull Requests.

So, what’s new in the Golem GitHub?

Today we’re going into a number of Pull Requests which are additions (and removal) of code into the master branches of our repositories.

In the current version of Golem some of you might know that there are ways to limit the resources for a node running as a provider on the network. Similarly, this will exist with New Golem. The developers worked on a pull request (#428) to add in such functionality to the provider agent where the node runner can limit hardware resources, introducing 3 new command-line arguments for limiting max CPU cores, RAM, storage plus corresponding environment variables.

The GNT Driver is a significant part of what will handle payments from requestor to the provider in New Golem. Work on the GNT Driver API (#415) was merged, distinguishing between mainnet and testnet (Rinkeby).

For the new marketplace to work, it requires rules by which the requestor and provider nodes follow. In Pull Requests #410, #417 and #418 our marketplace sub-team has added functionality to the decentralized marketplace of creating an agreement, confirming such agreements, and countering proposals on both the requestor and provider side. Together these are closing negotiation and agreement phase of the Marketplace interaction. This means that we are supporting basic (aka 'happy path') scenario for decentralized Marketplace implementation! You’d expect that market nodes will stop the broadcast. Remember that you can follow the Market MVP more closely in the projects section.

The ya-runtime-wasi repo, a Yagna plugin that allows the provider to execute WASI modules, had a new pre-release created that we’ve yet to cover. V0.2.0 is a non-production ready release that will help the developers in testing.

Digest wrap-up!

That’s all of the interesting development updates we have for you this update. As for this week’s Digest, we’ve focused more closely on some of the important and recent Pull Requests of the Golem Factory GitHub. We have three more things to wrap up this update:

1. This week we were super excited to announce the start of the Golem Monsters x SuperRare Art Contest which goes hand-in-hand with the CIP. We will be using the Golem Monsters to give out to the Golem community and also as a way to have fun, involving more artists in the Ethereum + Golem ecosystem.

2. A reminder that our AMA for July is up, ask us anything! Should you be looking for more about this update, Golem, or even peer-to-peer networks more broadly then we would love for you to come chat with us about it in our community Discord!

3. For anyone who hasn’t seen it already, the Community Incentives Program is relevant to this series in the way that we aim to help you learn more about Golem’s GitHub so you can get involved or ask questions. We’re excited for anyone in the community wanting to learn more and now you can get rewarded for your time spent learning! :)

For the GitHub Digest continuing from this point on we’ll stick to a similar format of focusing on new developments.