What’s in store for this Digest?

In the previous Golem GitHub Digest (#10) we covered the Alpha 3 release and announcement of the hackathon and Golem Test Harness (Goth).

We’ve been thrilled by the community getting involved in the Golem Hackathon and have had so much amazing feedback and overall positivity, both from requestors/buidl`ers participating in the Golem Online Hackathon and providers joining the Provider Bounties.

So, what’s in the Golem GitHub?

The team added a feature for logging collection to an output file by default, utilizing Flexi_Logger. You’ll be able to save the logging information in a desired directory by running the command yagna service run --log-dir YOUR_DIRECTORY. To change the log dir, while using golemsp run it's necessary to use the YAGNA_LOG_DIR environment variable instead. Prior to this, users that wanted to collect logs of stdout/stderr had to do so manually using commands such as d yagna service run -2>&1 | tee -a logfile.log. Just as a note, you can still collect more detailed logs using this command:

RUST_LOG=debug,tokio_core=info,tokio_reactor=info,hyper=info golemsp run 2>&1 | tee -a logfile.log

Although be warned that the output file will get large quite quickly so it’s not for the average user!

There was a significant collaboration between developers on the Event API in the Yagna client across a few months that was ready to be merged into the master branch. If you're interested to go into a lower level overview of some of the Yagna Client API specs, you can do so here!

Other than that, improvement mentioned in the previous GitHub update containing some important bug fixes for long computations while using YaJSapi, handling HTTP 408 errors and decreasing API timeouts and sleep duration to fix ECONNRESET error, has been merged. There are many more minor improvements that have been made across almost all repositories.

Coming up

The team pushes to get the Yagna code and APIs to be ready for mainnet. While we can still expect a release to come out on testnet before that stage, it won’t be long before we hope to see a release that we deem mainnet ready! The judging of the Golem Online Hackathon is almost finished. After we announce the winners we’ll be updating Awesome Golem with all the interesting submissions/projects.

Digest wrap-up!

That’s everything we have for you in GitHub Digest #11. Don’t forget that the Golem Community Incentives Program is still running! We recently announced the awardees of December, if you happen to be Clay Golem node name “Zootopia” then please get in contact with us so we can verify. To get involved in the CIP join our Discord chat, get involved on Reddit, tag us in interesting conversations on Twitter, or even throw some memes in Telegram.

See you in the next GitHub Digest!