We are pleased to announce that crowdfunding contract is now deployed on Ethereum mainnet. You can see it on etherscan.io.

Golem crowdfunding contract address image
  • Crowdfunding start block is 2607800, approximately 11th November, 3 pm UTC
  • Don’t send ETH from exchanges
  • Transaction data field must be set to 0xefc81a8c
  • Instructions for wallets: Mist/Ethereum Wallet/Parity and myetherwallet.
  • Crowdfunding address is 0xa74476443119A942dE498590Fe1f2454d7D4aC0d but don’t send before start block 2607800
  • Check out the crowdfunding page for more information and a countdown for time and block number
  • To learn details on how the crowdfunding contract works please refer to this blog post.

By sending ETH to crowdfunding address, you agree to Explanatory Note & Governance Terms.