October and November are turnkey months for Golem. We are prepping up for big things in the technological and organizational fronts. We are planning to reveal to our community two very important events before heading to Prague, and one of them is set to drastically shape and improve Golem.

Even though we have been quite heads-down focusing on our mid-term goals roadmap and the team’s transformation, we are not leaving our community aside. Berlin was a great experience to advance and discuss ecosystem UX subjects — we are beginning to see Ethereum is shifting to a user-first focus and are eager for more advancements on this aspect, one of the big challenges towards mass adoption of Blockchain technologies.

While sponsoring and participating in ETHSanFrancisco, and the adjacent blockchain week, we also supported the Non-Fungible Summit. We are aware that NFTs are not in our scope, but this token standard brings various possibilities and use-cases new to our ecosystem, and this educational 1-day summit helped educate the audience around these topics.

Meanwhile, in Warsaw, our team was launching the demo of Unlimited, our latest product. We would like to thank the community for the enthusiastic response to this.

We are allocating significant resources to the development of Graphene-ng, the framework for SGX execution, hence we decided that for DEVCON4, we would host a workshop on the matter, at the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. This workshop has a reduced capacity and it will be closed, however, if you’re working on pushing trusted execution environments forward or you are a developer keen to learn: info@golem.network.

That same evening, we are hosting a “Cryptoween” party at Kasarna Karin, a cool spot in the heart of Prague we found through some friends, along with our friends from ECF, OmiseGo, and Streamr.

To sum up, we are pleased to announce that after his presentation on DEVCON0 and 1, Piotr “Viggith” Janiuk our CTO will be back on stage at DEVCON4, also focused on the aforementioned flagship product, Graphene-ng: “Solutions towards trusted and private computations”.

We are happy to present and support all these community initiatives, and we hope to see you in Prague!