Hello! At Golem, we’re building our brand new protocol with the help of your feedback. Since we implement most of the comments in order to adjust the building of the protocol, we’ve decided to set up bounties in order to allow people to earn rewards, and give us feedback.

Please read through the task before installing the golemsp (as in Golem sneak peek) provider - this is important, as we have limited slots and we want to reward all successful bounty hunters!

There are 20 slots available for this bounty and the bounty is offering 1500 GLM. This challenge should take you around 2 weeks, but the installation process should be super quick and easy.

Your task is to install the Golem Provider (golemsp) and run it for at least 2 weeks.

Deliverables (we will ONLY payout the bounty if you have completed the following steps):

  1. You’ve installed the newest version of golemsp
  2. You have run the golemsp provider for at least 2 weeks
  3. You've filled out the survey

Note: Avoid purging your data directory during the 2 weeks or you will need the yagna.db file backed up or to store ID elsewhere manually by running yagna id list and saving the address. If you notice your logs showing only Database is locked then please kill golemsp with Ctrl+C and run the start command again.

IMPORTANT: To run the Golem Provider you need physical machine with Linux. We're supporting Ubuntu (18.04 or 20.04), but any other Linux could do if you're willing to make it work yourself. We will not payout bounties for running New Golem on Virtual Machines.

Useful Links:

Blogpost: https://blog.golemproject.net/new-golem-alpha-iii-reveal/

Docs: https://handbook.golem.network

Install video:

Starting as a provider on New Golem quickly!

In case you need support, we’re here for you, join our Discord: https://chat.golem.network