On November 19, 2020 at 4pm CET we will begin the anticipated GNT migration process.

This migration from GNT to an ERC-20 token is necessary for the functioning of New Golem. The old token (GNT) will not be supported in the New Golem platform upon its mainnet launch in some months. GNT will not be supported in the New Platform. The legacy platform, Clay Golem will be supported until New Golem's mainnet launch - then discontinued alongside GNT support in Golem Platforms.

The migration does not have an end date. You will have plenty of time to do it, so do not rush.

This is an opt-in migration, meaning Golem Factory will provide the infrastructure and a UI but will not be exchanging or migrating tokens. The migration process will be similar that of SAI to DAI.

We will only reveal ticker name at launch to prevent scammers from compromising token holders.

The migration UI will be made available only upon launch on November 19th, 2020 at 4pm CET. Golem Factory will also be providing a script in the SAME blogpost as the migration launch will be featured, and guidelines for people that prefer to interact on contract level. THESE ARE THE ONLY WAYS TO MIGRATE, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ANY PARTY, PLATFORM, OR USER SUGGESTING OTHERWISE.

IMPORTANT - read this to prevent scams:

Ticker name will only be public via our blogpost on blog.golem.network (the old domain blog.golemproject.net is also safe!) on launch day

Only trust official links and official Github (.golem.network and https://github.com/golemfactory)

Golem representatives will not contact users on private message form, nor request actions directly. Do not trust personal/direct messages.

Stick to our official social media announcements and channels - website, Discord, Reddit, Discourse, Twitter, Blog, Facebook .

If you stumble across any suspicious issues, please contact us at contact@golem.network, discord: chat.golem.network or Telegram https://t.me/GolemProject

We are happy to answer all questions - reach out to us in the official channels or to contact@golem.network