We’re back for this month's update on the GLM Rewards Program! Each month we offer rewards (in the form of GLM tokens, averaging 20k per month) to the community members that are getting involved in the ecosystem. Whether it be in development of Golem applications, support to other community members or interesting projects of their own that they come up with to work on related to Golem.

Not so long ago we opened up the Application Creation and Maintenance category. The way to get involved in this category is to create an application related to requesting on Golem, share it with the community and you will also need to add your first version of the working software with a PR to Awesome Golem, linking to your GitHub repository.

GLM Rewards Program Spotlight - Golocity

For this month’s GLM Rewards Program spotlight, we’re going to be covering Golocity (/ɡōlˈäsədē/), a CLI tool created by davidstyers (dstyers#4917 on Discord) that helps simplify the process for developers of deploying their dockerized projects on the Golem Network. As described in the GitHub README:

[Golocity] aims to convert and deploy your dockerized project on the Golem Network in as little time as possible. It is perfect for developers who want to deploy their preexisting projects on the Network or those who need a starting point to harness all of the Network's features.

What’s great about Golocity is that it expands the tools available to the Golem community and developers wanting to get started quickly with becoming a requestor and running tasks. A big thank you to davidstyers for taking the initiative for a useful contribution!

GLM Rewards Program - July awardees

The individuals we’ll be awarding the GLM Rewards Program slots for July’s round are:

Feedback Masters (1000 GLM each): nzemel1#1782 (Discord) and neonman#2975 (Discord)

Tech Supporters (4000 GLM each): krunch3r#2035 (Discord) and Nebula#0166 (Discord)

Application Creation and Maintenance (4500 GLM): dstyers#4917 (Discord)

Please shoot an email over to contact@golem.network and we’ll follow up with instructions. Or find Mattias in the community Discord (https://chat.golem.network) and he will be happy to help you directly.

Wrapping Up

If you liked this month’s highlight of Golocity, then you should join Discord and ask some questions, dstyers#4917 is quite active and we’re sure would love to chat about his creation!

Remember that it’s easy to get started with the GLM Rewards Program by being active where the Golem community is discussing and interacting. The Golem team is often active in the Discord, /r/GolemProject and /r/GolemTrader on Reddit, Telegram and announcements channel. Or create some cool Golem integration on Github and share it with us via email, for ideas check out Awesome Golem. There’s so much potential for anyone to get involved.

Since the GLM Rewards Program requires KYC then of course you can opt-out if it’s not for you, we just want to token(ize) our appreciation in the form of GLM tokens.