GLM Rewards Program February Update

GLM Rewards Program (also formerly known as the CIP) for the month of February has finished. So to celebrate that we’re excited to go into this month’s awardees with a community update.

GLM Rewards Program February Update

Another month comes to a close, and with it, the GLM Rewards Program (also formerly known as the CIP) for the month of February has finished. So to celebrate that—and also the last month of winter is over—we’re excited to go into this month’s awardees with a community update. Not only that, we also added a Bonus Meme Category during February and loved all the fancy memes and surprising amount of art that came along with it.

This month is the bi-monthly rewards that also includes Super User category. Just a tip that an easy way to get started in this category would be to use the community created Golem Provider Node Docker Image which was recently updated to be compatible with the latest release.

GLM Rewards Program Spotlight- Bonus Meme Category

To shake up the month and add some fun and make it a bit easier for the less technically inclined to join in the program, we added a bonus category to the month of February. Two slots for the best Golem related memes for 500 GLM each. We had a lot of fun joining the community in the creativity of the category. Here are some of our favourites, with the first two being the two winners shown below (following that, they’re in no particular order): one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Left: Spongebob draws in a big crowd by advertising Golem as a decentralized computer, and even bigger by pointing out your can earn by renting unused CPU (by lostlittlepuppy#2465). Right: Dad knows it’s time to let go when his son won’t stop advertising AWS (sego_st#2053).

While art wasn’t part of the meme category, it does fall within the category of Content Creator. Some of the art created was really awesome! Here are two examples, one and two, of some of the art that was created (note that you’ll need to have joined the Discord to view the messages).

GLM Rewards Program - February awardees

The individuals we’ll be awarding the GLM Rewards Program slots for February’s round are:

Feedback Masters (1000 GLM each): mixmafritz#3885 (Discord) and senor#5164 (Discord)

Tech Supporter (5000 GLM): i80#8207 (Discord)

Content Creator of the Month (2500 GLM): KenshinHimura#2088 (Discord)

Task Force General (7000 GLM): SirManBeard#3327 (Discord)

Super User (2500 GLM): CryptoPumpkin#3943 (Discord)

Telegram Administrator (1500 GLM): @jaspervv99 (Telegram)

Bonus Meme Category (500 GLM): lostlittlepuppy#2465 (Discord) and sego_st#2053 (Discord)

Please shoot an email over to and we’ll follow up with instructions. Or find Mattias in the community Discord ( and he will be happy to help you directly.

Wrapping Up

February completely blew away our previous month’s statistics for activity in the community so thank you to everyone who participated and made the community just that extra awesome. Also a quick thank you to everyone who participated in the Reddit AMA (summary link).

Remember that it’s easy to get started with the GLM Rewards Program by being active where the Golem community is discussing and interacting. The Golem team is often active in the Discord, /r/GolemProject and /r/GolemTrader on Reddit, Telegram and announcements channel. Or create some cool Golem integration on Github and share it with us via email, for ideas check out Awesome Golem. There’s so much potential for anyone to get involved.

Since the GLM Rewards Program requires KYC then of course you can opt-out if it’s not for you, we just want to token(ize) our appreciation in the form of GLM tokens.