We’re updating a part of the GLM Rewards Program. It’s been longer than a year since we started planning the program and a lot has changed since then. At that time, it was relatively challenging to write your own application to run using Golem. While it eventually became possible to run more flexible tasks on the network using the Task API, it still wasn’t as easy to get started as it is with the latest implementation.

We now have a new and improved implementation of Golem, Yagna, on mainnet and many of the developer resources available are aimed at giving developers what they need to start building their application to run on the network. We’ve collected a list of applications on Awesome Golem which are a valuable resource for getting ideas on how to build and run a wide variety of tasks. And we understand that at this point in time that resource could benefit from getting more direct incentives.

With that, we will be replacing the Content Creator category with the "Application Creation and Maintenance", along with rebalancing this newly created category with the Tech Supporters category. The Application Creation and Maintenance category will be one slot monthly, giving 4500 GLM in reward. The Tech Supporters category will give 4000 GLM (per slot). The incentives categories have been updated to reflect this change.

Application Creation and Maintenance

This category will focus on incentivizing both the creation and maintenance of applications that run on Golem.

Similar to other categories of the GLM Rewards Program, this category will be quite flexible and will be opt-out. By opt-out, we mean that you will be automatically considered for the slot if you contribute to app creation and maintenance. Make sure that the repository is properly listed in the Awesome Golem Apps section. If you upgrade an application's compatibility it would be helpful to create a PR for the list.

Something that’s important to note is that to be considered for this category you don’t need to be maintaining an application you’ve created yourself. Assuming you're abiding by the licensing on the application you're contributing to then you can maintain and/or build on any application that you find useful or feel would benefit the Golem community.