Last year’s crowdfunding was not only a great boost for us in terms of our development process, it was also a tangible moment that helped us realize how many people believe in our project. Our community of supporters has grown ever since and it has been very important for us to have an appropriate, reliable and safe channel of communication with them.

This is not the case with Slack anymore where our community has been housed for many months now. Providing security for our community is of great importance to us and we won’t compromise on that. So the ongoing situation on Slack where our members are being continually approached by scammers has given us few options. We’ve tried various fixes including blocking auto-inviter but none of these have worked to the standard we’d hoped. That’s why we decided to migrate to a new platform.

We have been using Rocket for our internal comms for a number of months now and it has proved its usability to us time and time again. We believe it can aid us now in serving the needs of thousands of our strong supporters as well. We hope that Rocket will allow our community to reliably stay in touch with us and — likewise — it will be a much safer tool for us to keep the community updated about our progress. Most of all, we really love the fact that, just like Golem, Rocket is open-source and we would love to help develop it for the benefit of the whole ecosystem. We will keep you informed about the details and date of the migration.