With our mainnet release on the horizon, we have taken special care to respond to the suggestions of our community members. Inspired by user suggestions during our recent AMA, we decided to reorganize our Kanban layout to provide more clarity for our users and transparency into our progress. Below are key changes to our Kanban:

  • Updated Column/Card/Task names for clarity
  • Reordered Columns/Cards reflecting mainnet release milestones
  • Updated tasks within each card to reflect day-to-day development goals
  • Internal changes to reflect goals for team communication and efficiency
Goodbye, old Brass Kanban

Some extra explanations to help you understand our Kanban better:

  • As we have mentioned, one of our next major milestones will be Brass Beta on Mainnet. If you would like to know which tasks/elements need to be completed before doing so, simply go through the “Beta on Mainnet” column.
  • On the other hand, if you are curious about the status of the optional Concent service, head to “Beta with Concent” where you will be able to see our current progress on the most basic version of the service, use-cases, its documentation and everything users need for onboarding; in addition to the work on a form of payment that matches this optional tool.
Hello, new Brass Golem Progress Board!

Going forward, it will be a company-wide initiative to have our community voices shape our internal processes. There are many ways to contact Golem for updates, feature requests, UX suggestions, and use case proposals. Your feedback is integral to our growth and we encourage all our community members to use the channels below to talk with us.

Rocket Chat: #UXbrainstorming, #marketingfeedback and #testers channels

Email: Send us any questions, comments, or concerns you have about the product and the road ahead here.

Reddit: Participate in active discussions between users and team members on topics related to Golem’s use cases and development.

Twitter: Let us know your thoughts @GolemProject #golemnetwork

Telegram: even though we encourage the use of Rocket Chat for better security and fast responses, we realise this is the preferred contact point for many, so feel free to join.