We’re excited to announce that we are  officially launching our Community Incentives Program (CIP or also known as the GLM Rewards Program), for the first time in the history of our project and our amazing community.

The primary objective of the CIP is to create an initiative that empowers individuals in a borderless manner, to further promote assistance between individuals in the Golem community.

This post will sound a bit dry - apologies for that but we need to lay all the terms, conditions and details very clearly! we promise the following ones will be fun and share insights from the winners and the wider community.

By doing so, you will be able to get GLM rewards, special swag, and others - starting July 1st, 2020.

Incentives Categories

  1. Application Creation and Maintenance: This is a new category, see this blog for more information!
  2. Tech Support: Helping other community members with technical issues they run into.
  3. Super-user: Running and using Golem (hint: requestors are favoured, check out the Golem stats page).
  4. Task Force General: This person does it all, tech support, content creation, using/running a node, enthusiastic (extra points if you engage in Github).
  5. Feedback Master: Give feedback that ends up included in improving Golem.
  6. Community Builder: This is a new category, see this blog for more information!
  7. UX Research Participant: taking part in the Golem interview study, user test sessions, a survey or any other research project (this category, however, is directed towards developers - and our DevRel will be conducting the reachout. Even though it is part of our public campaign, we need a specific developer profile from which we can source feedback from and through it, design our products).
  8. UX Survey Participant:  taking part in the Golem short online surveys to give valuable feedback on New Golem.

note: if you're on the edge on whether or not to participate in the CIP, Phillip's perfectly worded comment is for you!


The size of a reward is based on the below listed, non-binding guideline allocations:

*the term "bi-monthly" refers to once every two months.
**estimated per study, 44 slots maximum across the program.

Golem Factory GmbH reserves the right to revise the above rewards every three months. Please also note that since these guidelines are non-binding, GLM allocations are in the end determined at the sole discretion of the CIP team of Golem Factory GmbH and all reward decisions are final.

Other variables

Community Incentives Program - judging criteria:

In addition, we understand that the nature of the CIP is subjective and we will do our best to judge fairly based on the below.

  1. Quality and Quantity: As the old saying goes, we value quality over quantity. If you have questions about Golem Network, we would highly recommend seeing our documentation FAQ.
  2. Regularity: How consistently a community member is engaging in activities related to the categories available for the CIP.
  3. Originality and usefulness: For suggestions (e.g. Feedback Masters) we will take into account how much effort is being put into being original and genuinely helpful.
  4. Whether a CIP candidate has been rewarded previously: Hopefully this goes without saying, we want everyone to have a fair chance and for the CIP to be a positive experience for the community.
  5. Referrals: we would like the community to grow, but at the same time, we will not be giving out referral prizes for the time being. However, as a community member, you should feel free to invite anyone, this includes encouraging new participants to join in and learn more about the project, and get rewarded.

Eligibility Requirements - Communication:

  • Feedback and Support can be on any social platform where the Golem community exists.
  • Super Users are required to have their node statistics public on the Golem stats page. In addition, the node will be required to have high up-time to be considered.
  • Announcements of winners will be published on this blog and Twitter. You will be required to contact us on our official Twitter and follow the instructions to collect your reward.

Eligibility Requirements - Developer Surveying Program:

  • Research participants must be Web3 developers. Secondary requirements (e.g. experience with DeFi) have to be adjusted accordingly to the study type.
  • The community manager can reach out directly to the potential respondents or publish an invitation on social media (i.e. Twitter, Telegram).
  • The Community Incentives Program (CIP) will run for 6 months from the announcement date.
  • Employees, contractors, or officers of Golem Factory GmbH and its affiliates are not eligible for participation in the CIP.
  • Plagiarism and impersonation attempts will result in disqualification from the program in its entirety.
  • The selection process of CIP winners will be conducted internally and published to the community shortly after. Determinations of eligibility and all terms related to a reward are at the sole and final discretion of Golem Factory GmbH.
  • The CIP winner will have two weeks since the announcement to contact us and claim their reward.
  • The selection process for UX Research Participants will be conducted by UX Researchers and Community Managers.
  • Research Souvenir/Reward will be transferred after full participation in a  study.
  • Due to the experimental nature of this program, we  may adjust rewards and categories depending on participation and feedback from the community.
  • We require KYC from winners for them to collect their reward. You can choose to remain anonymous in the Golem public announcements beyond providing related required documentation.
  • Winners will be announced on Twitter and Reddit. Every two months, we will publish a blogpost summary as well.
  • In case you are not willing to do KYC, we are happy to send you swag! You will just need a PO box, or similar.


Golem Community Incentives Program (CIP) is an experimental and discretionary reward program aimed at encouraging and rewarding improvement of the Golem community. By participating in the CIP, you acknowledge that Golem Factory GmbH can cancel the CIP at any time, and rewards are paid at the sole discretion of the CIP team of the Golem Factory GmbH. In addition, Golem Factory GmbH is not able to issue rewards to individuals who are on any sanction list (in particular, but without limitation, US, Swiss, European sanctions lists) or who are citizens of sanctioned/embargoed countries (eg. North Korea, Iran, etc). The transfer of a reward thus may be made subject to a prior and successful KYC-check of the participant. All recipients of any reward tokens are responsible for all taxes under their respective jurisdictions and situations. All rewards are subject to applicable law.  Finally, your CIP involvement must not violate any law. Golem Factory GmbH disclaims any and all liability, in particular, but without limitation, with respect to your CIP involvement (incl. possible rewards paid out to you) being compliant with any applicable law.

Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the CIP shall be exclusively decided by the ordinary courts of the city of Zug, Switzerland and in accordance to Swiss law.


Make sure to read our privacy policy.

If you have any questions - please comment on the Reddit thread. We are very excited to have this program, it took a lot of love and work to prepare it and adjust it to Golem's needs and the community's expectations. We are looking forward to your participation!

We will have monthly updates pertaining the category winners - so you can start participating NOW!

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