GLM Rewards Program - Community Builder

With this announcement, we will be making changes to the “Telegram Administrator” category and introducing the broader "Community Builder" category.

GLM Rewards Program - Community Builder

We’re updating another category of the GLM Rewards Program. The program was updated recently with the Application Creation and Maintenance category, we then turned to evaluate some of the other categories. With this announcement we will be making changes to the “Telegram Administrator” category and introducing the new Community Builder category.

Despite the Discord migration being announced in March 2020, before the announcement of the GLM Rewards Program (June), the program categories had already been constructed internally before the migration to Discord decision. So a lot has changed since the Telegram Administrator category’s inception with that timeline in mind.

While there were some applications to join the Telegram administration team, it didn’t see as much interest as we’d initially hoped when creating the category, particularly in regards to anyone enthusiastic about the Golem Network and its community. In addition, Telegram as a Golem community discussion platform has also slowed down, while Discord has drastically increased and captured most of the discussion that used to occur on the Golem Network Discussion Group | GLM channel in the past.

With Telegram becoming used less frequently in favour of Discord, the initial Telegram Administration category has become too restrictive in what would make an individual eligible. We will be broadening it to encapsulate a larger set of ideas that individuals might want to contribute to the community growth of the project.

Community Builder - 1500 GLM bi-monthly

The new Community Builder category will focus on incentivizing community growth ideas and projects that Golem community members might take the initiative on their own to create.

The rewards of the initial category will remain the same in terms of GLM awarded in the Telegram Administrator category and will follow on the same interval, so the first set of rewards for this category is set to be announced after the end of August. We hope that members of the community can come up with ideas and their own initiatives which will be eligible for the program.

Examples of what could be eligible would be:

  • Creating new community groups that attract an audience not captured by the Golem Discord, Reddit, Facebook, etc. (can include platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or others that you have in mind).
  • Creating ideas that form streams of new community members into already established Golem groups.
  • Get involved in the #outreach channel on Discord. Share your Reddit/Facebook/Linkedin posts, Tweets, etc. Help new people get acquainted with Golem and educated on what the project is all about!

As mentioned, this category is broad. It also reignites the eligibility in the program for content creation which was a gap we left when the Application Creation and Maintenance was introduced. So just to build on the examples above, you could create a Golem-focused community on a different platform and create content for said community; doubly awesome!

We have a branding guideline and logos available, should you need them for ideas that you come up with. There’s also the collection of already created community material that you could use to bootstrap your Community Building. When using branded content it should be visible in some way that it's part of a community initiative (even feel free to link this blog post to get more on-board!).

We have the hopes that this broader category will attract new community ideas and initiatives. If this happens to be the timeline of the multiverse where there's no interest in the new broader category, we might take another look to completely revamp the category.

Remember that the GLM Rewards Program is designed to reward those with the Golem community and growth in-mind. It focuses on individuals coming up with their own imaginative ideas. The rewards we give out are a form of token-ized appreciation.