Finally the moment has arrived where our recent worries about security and safety might be coming to a close and a new chapter might begin. Although we are still working on some minor adjustments and layout details on our new community channel on Rocket, we have decided to open it today because we are really eager to start this new, scam-proof phase of communication with people we cherish the most — our community.

We previously announced our migration over to Rocket. You can find our reasons here, but let me briefly remind you that this is all about safety: we just couldn’t allow a constant flow of phishing-scams — a huge problem on Slack that affected other communities as well — to compromise the safety of thousands of our supporters.

With this migration to Rocket we would like to set a new communication standard. Our primary goal will be to assist you with all possible issues and questions you might have as soon as possible, so no one needs to be left confused about Golem’s core mission and development process. We hope this transition from Slack to Rocket will be as smooth as possible for you.