Introducing our Use Case Pipeline

We have released our first use case, CGI rendering, onto the Ethereum mainnet. We plan to continue to improve our product and fine-tune our rendering interface, however, Golem has always intended to do much more than facilitating decentralized rendering computations.

The goal of Golem’s Use Case Pipeline is to aid in our evolution toward general purpose computing, supporting a wide variety of usecases from machine learning to scientific computing, and everything in between. We are conducting extensive research and development on several of these future implementations, but our aim is to leverage our community to source projects that would be a good fit, we are building Golem for the community, so it’s only natural to facilitate their ideas and integrate them into our ecosystem.

This is our open call for potential use cases that can expand the Golem Network. If you know of a great way to utilize Golem’s computing power, feel free to send your ideas to

We are open for both clearly defined proposals of specific software/services as well as broader suggestions of industries/areas which could benefit from a potential integration with Golem.

Below are some high-level guidelines for what use cases would work best in a distributed setting. Some of these requirements are 100% necessary, and others are simply nice to have.. Please feel free to reach out and discuss, even if you are not sure whether your particular idea is a good fit or not — we are eager to give feedback and grow alongside the community.


  • Ability to run vast parts of a computing task in a parallel manner without the need to often synchronize results.
  • Small or moderate size (below 1 GB, preferably below 300 MB) of inputs & outputs, so computation takes significantly more time than sending data.


  • non-sensitive input data,
  • deterministic result of computations or a simple algorithm to verify whether the result of computations is correct.
  • a working product with an established userbase

Along with an overview of your proposed use case, please include any relevant information that might complement and aid the research process. If developing your own integrations with the Golem Network piques your interest, we would be happy to guide you through the process.

The Golem team will offer collaboration and support for viable usecases:

  • a comprehensive review of your project’s potential to integrate with Golem
  • technical cooperation on the integration with Golem
  • assistance in setting up a plan to monetize your software using Golem, including licensing models
  • financial support and mentorship for projects in initial phases
  • larger financial contributions for the later stages of cooperation
  • joint marketing activities for those integrations launched into production

Together we can shape the future of the Golem Network and change the face of distributed computing. We look forward to hearing from you.