Writers' note: yes, the "decade starts in.." debate is ambivalent :)

We'd be lying if we said 2019 was an easy year. No year can be tranquil when you're working on something you really believe in, solving problems to hope for a better tomorrow - and while at it, shaping a company, a team and dealing with a novel industry/ ecosystem such as the decentralized one, with all its benefits (and caveats).

We are happy to welcome the new year - and the new decade, which is always an exciting event - with fresh plans for the future of Golem, a Task API around the corner, and more.

But this post is about 2019. We want to do a short recap about it. Even if we are aware that we have a long way ahead of us, we must always feel proud about completing a year where we succeeded at milestones, made discoveries, and - above all- we experienced changes which will be reflected in Golem's long term path.

In chronological order, here are our significant 2019 milestones:

  • In April, we announced the birth of the Graphene project and working group, together with Intel, Invisible Things Lab, and many collaborators. Curiously, that same day, we were celebrating the first anniversary of the Golem Mainnet launch :) The Graphene project grew throughout the year, and finally in September, the first stable release was born. A minor release came out just two weeks ago, download here.
  • In June, we partnered with Hoard to develop an advanced code compiler for the gaming industry, powered by Golem Unlimited. The first results of this collaboration were published in September. Read here.
  • Also, in June, we announced our Organization's transformation.
  • In October, in a single sprint by our excellent team, gWASM was launched into mainnet. This is a significant milestone, as gWASM is a meta-use case that allows you to build decentralized applications on top of Golem, quite easily. You can read more about it here.
  • Also, in October, we achieved one of our goals for 2019: to be able to run a live workshop where people would interact with our software at DEVCON5. So the "Building on top of Golem with gWasm and Unlimited" happened! Around 20 Golem people participated in making this workshop a success, and it took us two months to prepare it. What we know for sure is that this won't be a one-off, stay tuned for future editions.

Now we're getting ready for the launch of our Task API coming in a major release around mid-January - but as we grow as a company and project, there are more changes in the horizon. Golem Factory is committed to constant improvement and growth, as well as to our users. Make sure to watch this space, as we're only getting started.

Finally - a big thank you - to our users, community, token holders, the ecosystem - the crypto winter is longer than anyone could have forecasted, however, instead of seeing decay, we see resilience. Projects keep on building, users keep on pushing. It's not always easy or smooth, but continuity through hardship builds robust software, teams, and community. Let's keep it up.

Have a fantastic start of 2020,
The Golem Factory Team :)

As a P.S. - we'd like to leave you with some food for thought, in this excellent article created collectively by John Patrick Ryan, Ana Jamboric and dozens of people, published by DWeb - problems, ideas, and the vision of the decentralised web and how to get it,

"But computer power increases relentlessly, human inventiveness knows no bounds, and the prospect to reinvent the web, one of the most important tools humanity has yet created, that prospect remains alive. Let's do it again!"

Read the article here.