The Alpha Reveal (TNM) of New Golem is Here!

Today, we’re ready to give you a glimpse into this brave new world. Our new baby can already run gWASM and VM-based payloads and we have prepared a small set of tutorials.

The Alpha Reveal (TNM) of New  Golem is Here!

In case you don’t feel like reading.. We've got a video tutorial. However if you read till the end, you might find some extra incentives, wink wink.

In this tutorial we run “” which is simply an example, in this case, 70 lines of python code using New Golem’s High Level API to render 3D frames but you could do whatever you like.

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since our last release and we know you’ve been missing us a lot.

As we have been mentioning in our communications over the last few months, we have made use of all the experience we had gathered while developing and running Brass and then Clay Golem. We spent countless days and nights thinking about how we could address what’s most important to our users and for the future of Golem and arrived at a strong vision of what we want to build.

Today, we’re ready to give you a glimpse into this brave new world. Our new baby can already run gWASM and VM-based payloads and we have prepared a small set of tutorials that will allow you to jump right into developing your own apps and requestor agents.

In this very early Alpha release, we’re focusing on developers - those of you who, over the past few years came to us with questions of when they’d be able to launch their apps on Golem network. To that end, we have set up a network of testnet providers so that each of you who deploys and runs their task can have it executed successfully.

What’s New: :

Speaking of which - yeah, one thing hasn’t changed - yet. Our newest example is based on...  guesses anybody? … yes? The lady at the back maybe? … yes! You guessed it - Blender Renderer! … We are thoroughly aware that this joke is getting awfully old but we wanted to show you something that is proven working, at the same time is a bit more complicated than a simple “hello world” from Docker and last but not the least - shows potential at usefulness … Which is what our good old Blender use case is perfect for. So, once again, Blender Renderer for the rescue! Still, that doesn’t mean that the new Golem is limited in this respect. We’re presenting you an already universal API that can be used with any adapted Docker container and it’s only your imagination stopping you from using anything else. And that’s what we’ll be eager to hear about once you start playing with our new toy.

As mentioned, this is a very early, very bareboned release. We are choosing to reveal our work this way as we are building with a developer-first approach and to achieve this we need feedback.

Golem can be used for a myriad of use-cases that can really make a difference (if you don’t believe us, look at CHEM@Golem) - and if you think this is something you can leverage for your apps, we would love to hear your suggestions on how we can make your experience easier.

Additionally, and more importantly because your comments and ideas are helping us build the best product we can come up with, we’re inviting you to our incentivized feedback programs:

  • Install and Run Alpha, fill out the feedback form and submit to the Gitcoin Bounty
  • When you pass this stage, you can e-mail us at as we are doing surveys and we have a couple of slots for those interested
  • At the same time, should you decide to build something atop of our infrastructure or if you have any ideas, we highly encourage you to pitch us at - we will be happy to discuss ways to support your work

We’re happy to tell you that we will be working with Gitcoin throughout our releases- this is just the beginning, we are planning more initiatives for the curious devs out there!

If you have additional questions, comments, just drop us an email, and we will reach out and see how you can help us!

Let’s go!

PS. We’ve launched a new Developers forum for you to share your experiences, get feedback from peers and team, and meme. Join us here:

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